The joy of subtracting

I write and think a lot about letting go of things. Subtracting, eliminating. To some people that may sound harsh, or overly negative. I apologise if that's the case. But most of the time, especially with technology, my desire to get rid of it stems not from lack of quality of a disappointment in the item in question.

It's just that the joy of simplifying my life by subtracting is hard to compete with.

We say yes to too many things without thinking. Life accumulates this "cruft" of commitments, possessions, habits that no longer reflect our preferences and values. In fact, we're lucky if they ever did. As I exemplified in the post about smartphones, I don't think I would have said yes to that deal, knowing what I know now. And there are less inane examples out there.

We seem to have a positive bias in our heuristics. That is, we are prone to solving problems by adding, subtracting, or simplifying. Subtracting takes a conscious effort, but the result is so worth it.

As the new year approaches and some people get more prone to reflect, these are the questions I have been considering:

Bonus: what are we not buying in 2022? This one is especially important as we think about moving.

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